School of Foreign Language and Literature

30.August, 2021

Business English Program

The program of Business English was based on Applied English (Business) and English (International Trade) and was formally approved to be a undergraduate program of Business English in 2014. The faculty includes 20 full-time teachers, including 12 teachers with the title of associate professor or above. 90% of the teachers have overseas study experience, and 10 teachers have practical experience in the business industry. This program is enrolled in a major category of Foreign Languages and Literatures and adopts the "1+3" study mode, in which they study basic English language courses in their first year, and choose to study the courses from either Business English or Translation. After more than 10 years of exploration and development, the mode of cultivating business English talents has gradually matured, and the effect has gradually emerged and been recognized by society. In recent years, students in this program have won more than 70 prizes in various national and provincial competitions in terms of international trade, cross-border e-commerce, bonded logistics, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Graduates have being playing important roles in international trade, cross-border e-commerce, exhibition services, and other related enterprises and institutions, and have been unanimously recognized by their companies and the society.