School of Foreign Language and Literature

30.August, 2021

English Translation and Interpretation Program

English Translation and Interpretation Program was once based on Applied Translation and Business English (Translation Specialization) and was approved to independently enroll undergraduate students in 2014. The program has a 15 full-time faculty members. Among them, there 2 professors and 8 associate professors, 10 teachers with translation and interpretation practice experience or translation qualification certificates, and 85% of the teachers have overseas study experience. Students of the program are enrolled into Foreign Languages and Literatures, which is a general program for language students. The program uses the "1+3" coursework mode, in which students study basic English language courses in their first year, and then decide to specialize in either Translation or Bushiness English in their second and third years. Focusing on the four core competencies of "general knowledge, foreign language application, professional practice, and lifelong learning", the program adopts the "three-integration development talent training mode, which is oriented to the integration of foreign language and professional development, the path of integration of teaching and research development, and the characteristics of integration of language and thinking development". The program is committed to cultivating foreign language service talents who are specialized in translation, translation technologies, and language project management. The Department of English Translation and Interpretation has a teaching team with strong teaching and research ability as well as rich experience in translation and interpretation practice. Teachers have been honored as "Excellent Teachers", "Excellent Supervisors of Graduation (Design) Thesis" and "Excellent Supervisors of Students' Discipline Competitions". They also have won many prizes in provincial and national teaching competitions. Taking advantage of their professional strengths, the faculty members of the program of Translation have actively transformed their scientific research and served the needs of the society, published nearly 100 translation works and served as interpreters for various foreign-related activities. In recent years, students have won numerous prizes in national, provincial, and municipal competitions in interpretation and translation, translation technology, and technical communication, with high social recognition.