School of Foreign Language and Literature

30.August, 2021

English Teacher Preparation Program

English Teacher Preparation Program was established in 1977 as a specialty training program in English education. In 1986, the School of Foreign Languages and Literatures started to offer the bachelor's degree in English education for adults. In 2012, the School started to offer this program as a general undergraduate programs after CQUE was transformed into a general undergraduate university in the same year. Also in the same year, it was certified by the MOE as one of the seven universities who are qualified to provide "National Training Program-Model Teacher Training Program". In 2020, it became the construction unit of "first-class program" at CQUE. The faculty includes 20 full-time teachers, 4 part-time teachers from primary schools, with 2 professors and 11 associate professors. All faculty members have a master's degree or above, 3 with a doctoral degree (including candidates), 13 with overseas study experience. Among them, 2 are titled as university-level "Model Teachers" title, 1 as "Most Relatable and Respectable Teacher”, and 2 are first prize winners of national teaching skills competitions. After more than 40 years of development, the program now has built up such professional construction platforms as the "National Training Program" Exemplary Training Institution granted by MOE, the Collaborative Innovation Center for Children's Foreign Language Education, the Professional Development Center for Foreign Language Teachers and the Institute of English Education. The program is dedicated to the teacher development of pre-serviceand in-service English teachers. The program has long hosted national and Chongqing primary English backbone teacher training programs and trained a number of pre-service teachers of elementary English with professional development potential and in-service primary English teaching backbone with professional development demonstration and leadership, and the quality of talent training has been affirmed and recognized by the society.