School of Literature and Media

30.August, 2021

Fashion Communication Program

Fashion Communication is a bachelor's degree program under the discipline of Journalism and Communication. This program mainly aims at the fashion industry, cultural and creative industries, and related industries in Western China. After completing this program, the students are expected to be fully-fledged journalists specializing in fashion communication, with the structural knowledge of new media communication and creative aesthetics, interdisciplinary thinking and cultural literacy, excellent ideological and moral characters and professional ethics as well as good understanding and professional skills of integrated media communication. The students in the program are also expected to use advanced media technologies to create integrated media content and bring out fashion creativity and integrated media technologies, and adapt to the deep integration of media and the rapid development of the fashion industry, using the basic theoretical knowledge and solid writing ability in the field of digital communication and fashion.

Based on the MOE Innovative Application Model Base for the Integration of Production and Education of Digital Media, the Educational Resources Development Platform Based on Immersive Media for Students (a joint project by the central and local governments), and the German KFW loan project, the program has established seven labs, namely the Media Interaction Laboratory, and Media Information Collection Laboratory, Media Interactive Products Development Laboratory, Integrated Media Reading Material Processing Laboratory, and Virtual Special Effects Development Laboratory, and 17 professional studios. To promote the integration of education and the industries, the School is planning to build the Future Image Training and R&D Base with industries and enterprises. The faculty and students won the second prize in China Data News Competition and other four national and provincial level awards (including projects in progress). The program has signed internship agreements with Fengjie Culture and Tourism Commission and other 14 enterprises and institutions.