School of Literature and Media

10.November, 2021

Network and New Media Program

The CQUE has been offering the Network and New Media program for 12 years. The program was developed from two specializations successively, namely Advertising Design and Production and Chinese Language and Literature (Cultural Media). In September 2015, the program officially started to enroll full-time undergraduates. Currently, there are over 200 students enrolled in the program. Now it has been selected as a CQUE first-class program and is in the top position of Best Chinese Universities Rankings (BCUR) 2021 released by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy.

The program has two specializations, namely Film and Television Post-Production and Integrated Media Communication. The Film and Television Post-Production is a school-enterprise cooperation program jointly offered by CQUE, the MOE National Center for Schooling Development, and Phoenix Education of Phoenix TV Group. The Integrated Media Communication specialization is designed to cultivate all-media application-oriented journalists and professionals who adapt to the in-depth integration of media and the innovative development of the industry. Network and New Media has its own program philosophy and distinction. It has successively established the MOE Innovative Application Model Base for the Integration of Production and Education of Digital Media approved by the MOE National Center for Schooling Development, the Educational Resources Development Platform Based on Immersive Media for Students (a joint project by the central and local governments), and the Experimental Platform for the Development and Teaching of Children's Integrated Media Products funded with a loan from KFW. In 2021, the Phoenix Digital Creative Academy based on the Network and New Media program was selected on the list of the first batch of Model New Colleges in Chongqing. The program also boasts for its strong faculty. Among them, there are 3 professors, 6 doctor degree holders, and many young but experienced instructors. They have set up a series of model teaching projects rated by the MOE or the CMEC as first-class projects.