School of Mathematics and Information Engineering

30.August, 2021

Artificial Intelligence Program

Artificial Intelligence is a new program opened in 2021 for the overall deployment of the national new generation of artificial intelligence and big data intelligent innovation-driven strategy of Chongqing. The program is engineering-oriented and project-driven, equipping students with good scientific literacy, solid mathematical and scientific foundation, basic theory, professional knowledge, basic research methods, technology, and application of artificial intelligence. The training mode of "Artificial Intelligence + X" is adopted, combined with the actual application scenarios of smart manufacturing, smart city, smart education, and other industries, cultivating composite application talents with the ability of "five abilities" (abilities to follow the technology trends, to explain the process, to do projects, to endure loneliness, and to show good teamwork) who understand both the basic theory of artificial intelligence and the industry application. Graduates have the professional ability and professionalism to analyze and design artificial intelligence algorithms, research and develop core artificial intelligence technologies, and apply artificial intelligence technologies, and are capable of designing and developing intelligent robots, computer vision, natural language processing, intelligent data mining, and other fields. The main career target is to engage in product development, system maintenance, education, and training in technology companies, intelligent manufacturing enterprises, and educational institutions.