School of Mathematics and Information Engineering

30.August, 2021

Data Science and Big Data Technology Program

The program of Data Science and Big Data Technology cultivates well-rounded in moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic, and labor development. The students are able to master the basic knowledge of mathematics and natural science as well as the basic theory, basic skills, and basic methods related to data science and computer system, and to possess the engineering and technical application skills of big data acquisition, storage, analysis, visualization, and system operation and maintenance as well as good professionalism, and are capable of big data application development, data analysis, and mining, data visualization, big data system deployment and operation, and maintenance. They are highly qualified application-oriented talents who can be competent in big data application development, data analysis and mining, data visualization, big data system deployment and operation, and maintenance, etc.

Supported by the China Science and Technology Dawning Data China "100 Schools Project" of the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education, the university and the enterprises jointly invested 10 million RMB to build the Dawning Big Data Lab and part of the professional and practical courses, as an industry-education integration innovation project. The program is also supported by the Chongqing Children's Big Data Engineering Laboratory and the Chongqing Characterized Demonstration Software College Project, which provide a good platform for the students to collaborate and innovate with industry, education, and research.

The major courses offered in the program include Fundamentals of Programming (Python), Data Structures (Python), Database Principles and Applications, Hadoop Big Data Technology, Big Data Real-Time Computing, Data Mining Technology, and Applications, etc. A large number of extension courses in disciplines, research, and engineering practice are also offered to promote students' independent development.