School of Mathematics and Information Engineering

30.August, 2021

Information and Computing Sciences Program

Information and Computational Science is a program that combines the advantages of the two disciplines of mathematics and computer science in response to the needs of the economic development of the Chongqing area, owing to the rapid development of big data-related industries in China. In 2016, Information and Computational Science program started, focusing on big data analysis. The first enrollment was in 2017. The program hasenrolled in a major category ofComputer Science since 2021.

Based on the construction project of "New College of Chongqing General Undergraduate University" and "Chongqing Characterized Demonstration Software College", the program of Information and Computing Science has built "three cycles and double curves" talent cultivation model and a full-circle practical teaching system, which has distinctive characteristics of school-enterprise deep integration. Based in Chongqing and facing southwest China, the program cultivates high-quality applied talents who are well-rounded in moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development, master basic theories, basic knowledge, basic skills, and basic methods related to mathematics and data science. The students possess good abilities in scientific computing, algorithm analysis, and design, data statistics and analysis, data mining and engineering modeling and analysis, as well as good professionalism, and are capable of managing, analyzing, and applying big data in science and technology, education, information industry, and other related enterprises and institutions, thus with "four abilities" (able to analyze problems, to build models, to apply software and to base on industry). Graduates are suitable for scientific research units, colleges and universities, enterprise groups, computing centers, economic information, and other departments to engage in scientific computing and software development, system analysis, computer-aided management, and control, etc.