School of Mathematics and Information Engineering

30.August, 2021

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Program (Teacher Preparation Program)

CQUE is a multidisciplinary local general undergraduate normal university, founded in 1954, passing through three periods——Chongqing Secondary School Teachers' Amateur Training School, Chongqing Teachers' Training College, and Chongqing Education College. In March 2012, approved by the Ministry of Education, it was transformed into Chongqing University of Education based on Chongqing Education College. Before 2012, Mathematics Education (Teacher Preparation) was an important major of the school and cultivated many socially influential mathematics teachers.

In 2021, the school of Mathematics and Information Engineering opened the program of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Teacher Preparation), which currently has 6 professors, 8 associate professors, 5 full-time teachers with doctoral degrees, and others with master's degrees. The program meets the development of elementary school mathematics education’s demand for talents, bases on the concept of teacher training professional certification positions itself in Chongqing, and strives to serve the Southwest. It is committed to cultivating students with political quality, strong educational beliefs, comprehensive development, with good professional ethics and deep educational commitment, with solid mathematics professional foundation and strong elementary school mathematics education and teaching practices, familiar with the physical and mental development of elementary school students and the development of education. Graduates in the program are expected to participate in moral education and mental health education in elementary school, to discover students' potential from a diversified perspective, to have strong ability in class organization and construction, practical ability in class teacher work, and comprehensive parenting ability in organizing theme education and club activities, and to be able to adapt to the needs of the time and educational development for learning and career development planning. After graduation, they are able to continuously develop their professionalism, subject knowledge, and educational teaching ability, and able to engage in mathematics teaching and educational management in general elementary school and related educational institutions.