School of Fine Arts

30.August, 2021

Clothing and Fashion Design Program

History and Faculty

In 2008, the CQUE began to set up the course of Fashion Design in the program of Art Design (a jointly offered bachelor's degree program with Chongqing Normal University) and decided to set the Clothing Design Specialization as students' graduation project. In 2010, the University set up the Clothing Design Degree Program and started to officially enroll students. In 2012, the University was restructured into a university that is permitted to offer bachelor's degree programs and began to enroll students of the Clothing Design Degree Program. In 2017, the Clothing and Fashion Design Bachelor's Degree Program was open for enrollment. The University has been building up a strong faculty. It has invited more than 10 instructors from internationally famous colleges and universities such as Central Saint Martins, Royal College of Art, etc., and top Chinese universities such as Tsinghua University and Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. The University has invested 3.8 million yuan to build a multi-functional integrated application experimental platform, which provides students with excellent on-campus training resources. The platform is open to students all day, ensuring students' training needs.

Facts and Honors of the Program

The program of Clothing and Fashion Design was the first newly-built bachelor's degree program in China to be selected into the London International College Student Fashion Week and won international awards. CQUE was the first undergraduate university that showed children's clothing in the China Graduate Fashion Week and was praised by the peer experts and the chairman of the association as "the most distinctive university" during the Fashion Week. Based on the school running orientation of "serving the development of children aged 0-12", and taking "industry-university cooperation, art and industry integration, centering on children's clothing and feathering parent-child clothing" as the development path, the program adheres to the path of staggering development, focuses on the field of children's clothing development, and cooperates with children's clothing camera agencies, famous children's clothing companies, fashion industrial parks, etc. The program emphasizes the development of distinctive curriculum groups, practical training teaching, and learning through competition, and has carried out differentiated and characteristic connotation construction and educational practice, and promotes the deepening development of the training mode. It has become the first Clothing and Fashion Design program in China which focuses on children's clothing and parent-child outfits and has won praise from the industry for its distinctive characteristics.



Parent-child outfits at the 2021 China Graduate Fashion Week