School of Economic Management

30.August, 2021

Taxation Program

Based on the talent training idea of the integration of finance, accounting, and taxation, the program adheres to serving the local economic development and focuses on creating a path for training talents of tax accounting and administration.

The Taxation Program offered by CQUE has three distinctive features:

Developing students' abilities in an interdisciplinary way.This program requires students to have a wide range of knowledge and a solid foundation, pays attention to students' practice and ability, and adheres to the philosophy of training students in an interdisciplinary way.

“Integrating lessons and competitions, improving student abilities through competitions”.The faculty members guide students to participate in various professional competitions to improve students' professional abilities. After completing the courses of this program, students can sit for exams to get Tax Agent Certificate, Certified Public Accountant Certificate, Junior Accountant Certificate, and other related certificates.

School-enterprise cooperation education and practical education.Supported by teaching and training platforms such as Comprehensive Training Platform of Economic Management Simulation Business World and Comprehensive Financial Training Platform and practical teaching bases jointly established with enterprises, this program provides good resources for students to carry out tax project practice. After graduation, students will have strong social adaptability and the ability to solve problems.

Graduates of the Taxation Program are high-quality applied talents who can engage in tax inspection, tax planning, tax legal system, tax accounting, tax agency, tax consultation, etc. at financial and tax service institutions, government tax management departments, and financial departments of enterprises and institutions.