School of Economic Management

30.August, 2021

Economics and Finance Program

The program of Economics and Finance aims to help students become outstanding professionals who master both solid modern economic theory and financial industry knowledge, and good mathematical logic and business analysis skills, and who not only have the international vision and cross-cultural communication ability but also deeply understand China's national conditions to take root in China's financial industry. Graduates of this program can engage in finance products marketing, financial settlement, financial analysis, and other relevant work in banks, securities companies, insurance companies, trust, leasing, futures, funds, financial consulting, financial technology, and other financial institutions, government economic and financial management departments, as well as financial departments of enterprises and institutions. It is expected that five years after graduation, they will grow into excellent financial product managers, financial customer managers, financial accountants, financial analysts, and financial risk managers.

Chongqing University of Education is in the first batch of colleges and universities in Chongqing to set up the program of Economics and Finance. The director of the program is the first faculty member at the CQUE selected as a member of the Higher Education Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education. The teaching team of Applied Economics Discipline which this program belongs to is one of the first teams at CQUE to be funded both by the National Social Science Fund and MOE Humanities and Social Sciences Research Fund at the same time. The program has transformed into an interdisciplinary program of financial business + data analysis with financial technology guidance. In the Shanghai Ranking University Rankings by Program, this program ranked among the top 40% in China.

Main courses of Economics and Finance

Fundamental Courses

Advanced Courses

Specialization of Financial Accountant

Specialization of Financial analyst

Advanced Mathematics


Linear Algebra



Theory and Mathematical   Statistics





Applied Statistics








Marketing Management

Financial Accounting

Investment Science

Corporate Finance

International Finance

Intermediate Financial Accounting

Economic Law

Bank Settlement Business


Electronic Payment and Settlement


Cost Accounting

Commercial Factoring

International Settlement


Analysis of Financial Statements

Fundamentals of Programming


Introduction to Financial Technology


Financial Data Mining and Analysis


Multivariate Statistical Analysis and Application


Financial Time Series Analysis


Data Structure and Algorithm


Quantitative Finance R-Language Training


Data and Insights