School of Economic Management

30.August, 2021

Business Economics Program

Business Economics is a special program under the category of the Economics Discipline in theCatalogue of Undergraduate Programs of General Institutes of Higher Education (2012)issued by the Ministry of Education. CQUE is the first university to set up this program in Southwest China. It started to enroll students in September 2015. In 2021, the program was selected to be built as a city-level first-class bachelor's degree program. This program was built and developed based on Industrial and Commercial Enterprise Management, Business Management, and other programs with years of education history and experience, combined with the needs of regional economic and social development. The discipline of Applied Economics to which the program belongs has been selected in the 13th Five Year Plan of the CQUE to be built as a key discipline at the university level. The program has two university-level scientific research collaborative innovation platforms and several university-level research institutes such as the Institute of Financial Economics and the Institute of Enterprise Economics. Over the years, the program has made successful attempts and explorations in education and teaching philosophy, talent training scheme, practical teaching system, and whole-course monitoring and assuring, and has achieved noticeable achievements. The program helps students become outstanding professionals in business economics who meet the needs of economic and social development and use data analysis as the core ability to drive business operation and management decision-making. It ranked first in the Rankings of Bachelor's Degree Program in China jointly launched by China Education Quality Evaluation Center and China Science and Education Evaluation Network and ranked first in 2017 and 2018.In 2021, it has ranked the top 25% among the same programs offered by Chinese universities in the Shanghai Ranking University Rankings by Program.

In 2018, the program of Business Economics was selected into the China-UK High-Level Applied University Construction Project of the MOE National Center for Schooling Development. With the approval of CMEC, it started to enroll students in September 2018 and jointly offer the program with the University of Central Lancashire which has over 200 years of history. In 2021, the program is open to international students.