School of Teacher Education

30.August, 2021

Elementary Education Program

Elementary Education was the first program selected as a national first-class program at CQUE and has been rated as a first-class program and a distinctive program by Chongqing Municipal Education Commission (CMEC). The discipline of Education, which the Elementary Education program belongs to, has been rated as a key discipline by the CMEC.

This program is committed to helping students become primary school teachers who have professional ethics and commitment, professional knowledge of primary school subjects as well as systematic education and teaching theories. It will also enable students to master multi-disciplinary teaching and comprehensive curriculum design. The major courses of the program include Introduction to Education, Educational Psychology, Modern Educational Technology, Teaching Methods of Primary School Subjects, Children's Literature, Elementary Mathematics, Stem, Music, Manual Training, Children's Game Production, etc.

The faculty is strong and well-respected, and more than 10 members have been selected into talent projects such as Chongqing Creative Leading Talents, Young Experts with Outstanding Achievements. In the past five years, the faculty have conducted over 90 research and teaching reform projects at or above the provincial and ministerial level and over 70 projects supported by the industry.

In 2019, the program ranked 8th among the same or similar programs offered by other universities in the National Ranking of Universities by Major jointly released by the Research Center for the Chinese Science Evaluation (RCCSE), China Education Quality Evaluation Center, and China Science and Education Evaluation.