School of Teacher Education

30.August, 2021

Physical Education Program

The history of Physical Education at CQUE can be traced back to 1954. It has been selected by CMEC to be built into a first-class program. Since the resumption of college entrance examination enrollment in 1978, it has trained nearly ten thousand sports professionals for the country. Nearly 50% of teaching-research officers in physical education graduated from the program in Chongqing.

The Physical Education program is characterized by "serving the healthy growth of children aged 0-12", enabling students to be talents who are capable of teaching primary school PE classes. Over the years, the program has formed its own unique advantages.

Based on the concept of "integration", the program has established a "three integrations" talent training mode to better help students succeed. The "three integrations" are the integration of the school, the community, and the education industry, the integration of the "three classes", and the three-dimensional integration of learning, training, doing research, and practice teaching.

Based on the university-level platforms, Chongqing Children's Physical Fitness Development Center and Huida Children's Sports Research and Development Center, the program has established China Roller Skating Model School, China Line Dance Model School, National Tee-ball Experimental School, Chongqing International Marathon Strategic Cooperation Institute, Chongqing Promotion Center for IAAF Kids' Athletics and other platforms, which provide strong scaffolding for students' success.

In recent years, Physical Education has maintained a 100% enrollment rate, and the employment rate of students who graduated from this program has exceeded 90%. Students who sign up for this program have outstanding achievements in the National Athletic Meet and various national sports competitions. The program is developing the "three goods" (good to emotional development, good to intelligence development, and good to physical development) course groups that promote children's growth, by which the program will be continued in a distinctive and unique development.