School of Teacher Education

30.August, 2021

Drama Education Program

Drama in Education is a distinctive program established in response to the national policy which encourages strengthening art education. It was set up to meet the growing demand for art education teachers and is in line with CQUE's orientation of "serving the development of children aged 0-12".

With "Drama for Enlightening and Inspiring" as the motto, the program integrates drama into education to enlighten and inspire children's artistic talents. With drama as the core, it is characterized by the high integration of drama arts and education, enabling students to teach drama classes to children aged 0-12.

Supported by the Collaborative Innovation Center for the Development of Children Aged 6-12, the Research Institute for Children's Development, the National Collaborative Innovation Experimental Base for Teacher Development, and other innovative platforms for children's development, the program has built a talent training platform which combines practice teaching on and off the university campus, integrates drama arts and education, and collaboratively develop the "three classes". At the same time, it has established a "studio tutorial system" and has set up a group of distinctive courses of teaching arts to kids and a talent training mode of project-based learning.

In recent years, students in the program have won more than 80 national, and provincial-level professional skills awards, and over 90 students have published papers or books, participated in research projects, or applied for patents on inventions or software. The faculty and students have performed in Chongqing College Students' Drama Performance Season, Nanbin International Art Festival, and Chongqing Youth Drama Incubation Program, and also have performed over 100 times in ten local community theaters. The distinctive talent training mode of the program and the experience of integrating drama education into classroom teaching have been reported by the media like Xinhua News Agency and