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School of General Education


The school of General Education, built up in 2009, is not only the youngest department in Chongqing Education College, but also the first substantive teaching unit among the higher vocational colleges in mainland China. Chongqing Education College set up this school with a view to further exploring a mature and systematic form of general education in non-research integrated colleges. Its orientation is to integrate with the existing National Base of Cultural Education in Chongqing Education College, endeavoring to break through former limitations. It is no longer a single-major teaching school; instead, it offers some basic courses for all students in more comprehensive forms, providing students with a wider platform for their balanced and harmonious development. Since its foundation, the department has got a number of theoretical and practical achievements in comparative study of general education both at home and abroad and its reform research in China. Certainly, these achievements will lay a good foundation for the school’s further development, especially, when Chongqing Education College is on the close way to develop from a three-year college into a four-year one.